You may be exposed or have access to Confidential Information during your visit to a facility of Johnson Controls, Inc. or one or more of its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively "JCI").

Confidential Information includes but is not limited to technical, financial, marketing or any other information that is not publicly known. Examples of Confidential Information include information about new products, manufacturing and fabricating processes, engineering drawings, designs and specifications, operational information, customer and vendor information, the contents of contracts and licenses, purchasing costs and sources, accounting practices, and strategic and financial information.

In exchange for allowing you to visit JCI facilities, you agree to the following:

  1. To keep secret all Confidential Information that you are exposed to during your visit to JCI (including past, current and future visits).

  2. To not use or retain any JCI Confidential Information for any purpose unless specifically permitted otherwise in writing by an authorized representative of JCI, and then only for the limited purpose of evaluating or conducting a business relationship with JCI.

  3. Cameras (still & video), including camera phones, are prohibited without prior approval.

  4. Persons, vehicles, packages, parcels and brief cases entering a JCI facility are subject to search.

  5. Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are prohibited while in the facility or on JCI property.

  6. All visitors must sign in and be escorted by a JCI representative while in any JCI facility.

  7. All visitors must follow JCI’s environmental, health and safety rules. Safety glasses must be worn in lab and other designated areas. Chemical products cannot be brought on site without prior written permission.

  8. Return the visitor pass upon exit.